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BFV Q and A
« på: Januar 27, 2019, 13:26:20 »
Q&A with DICE
Upcoming Battlefield V Update

When does the next Battlefield V update come out?

Dan Mitre, Global Community Manager: If all goes as planned, it will roll out on January 29th.

When can we expect to see update notes for the next Battlefield V update?

DM: We would like the Update Notes to be release on January 28th.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update Questions

The new Kill-Cam seems to take players out of the match for too long, with a delay from the Kill Card to the Bleed-out screen. Is this being addressed?

Jaqub Ajmal, Producer: Kill-Cam adjustments coming in the next update, including reducing the 3 second delay from Kill-Card to Bleed-out screen.

Footsteps seem too loud, making it hard to recognize where they are coming from. Any fix on the footsteps?

JA: In the next update there are some further tweaks to the footstep audio that we think will improve this issue. Please give it a try again once the new update is released and make sure to give us your feedback! Also please make sure that you are using the appropriate audio settings based upon what kind of audio setup you are using. You can find these settings in Options.


AA feels like it's been nerfed. Planes are harder to take down and direct hits don't seem to be as impactful as before.

JA: A substantial system improvement in AA behavior has been made to make the experience for shooting at airplanes more consistent. Players should notice that shells that detonate in proximity to an airplane do damage more consistently, and also that shots that are closer to the target do more damage than shots that are further from the target. This is especially obvious when planes are flying directly at or away from an AA, with higher damage for flying at an AA and lower when trying to escape an AA. We have adjusted damage values on all AA guns to compensate for this improvement, and the different kinds of AA guns should now be clearer choices. Fast-firing AA is now better against highly maneuverable, small targets like fighters. Slow-firing AA is now better against larger targets like bombers.

Team balance seems to have some issues. Lopsided matches and the inability to switch sides to even it up can make it pretty frustrating. What are the next steps to sort this out?

JA: We don’t have anything to share about this right now, but have escalated this to the team responsible for the team balancer. We've also suggested enabling player switching to the other team that has less players than the current team.

Tides of War

Weren't the Chapter 1 Rewards supposed to be available for purchase via the Armory? Why did they disappear?

JA: All of the weapons from past Tides of War rewards will return to the Company and will be purchasable with Company Coins in the near future! The removal of them with the latest update was unintended, sorry about that!

War Stories - The Last Tiger

The Last Tiger seems to be bugged. We're seeing reports that players aren't able to unlock the skin.

JA: We are tracking this issue. However, our EA Help team do have a potential workaround.


Note the letters (or challenges) you are missing for that War Story - you'll need that information later.

Delete your local save files (not the game). This will reset the War Story progress and your game settings - you won't need to complete all of the challenges again, only the missing ones!

Once you deleted your data, play the War Story again. Again, you would only need to collect the letters and complete the challenges that previously were shown as not completed.

When you complete the War Story and gather the missing Letters or complete the Challenges, you'll have the unlock! Enjoy!


Will the End of Round screen continue to get refined? I’m having issues with understanding how much Company Coin I earned, what I unlocked, and how much XP I received.

JA: Now that we have resolved the issue with the Company Coins not always being awarded, we will be looking at what we can do to improve EoR screen further. Please be aware that we currently have an issue with the Company Coins being shown on the End of round screen not always being correct.

What happened to the Chat Log/Commo Rose for consoles?

JA: The missing chatlog on PS4 and Xbox One will return in the next update.

The Stuka B-2 plane has lost its third person sight when bombing. This makes it near impossible to be effective.

JA: This one has also already been fixed, and will come out with the next client update.

On some maps, it's hard to see the text due to the white text on white background. Is a fix coming for this to make it more visible?

JA: The white text on white background that can happen in the in-game weapon selection screen is unintended, as it’s supposed to show the hangar background. We are working on solving this.

The UI feels too complicated or clunky, having to click multiple levels to apply customization. Any updates to share?

JA: The team is looking into the function and flow of the UI and reviewing feedback from the community.

During the Launch Livestream, one of the Devs mentioned adding an "Apply All" functionality when customizing soldiers/weapons - which would apply all of the skins in a set that are currently owned to that weapon or that soldier. Is that still coming?

JA: This is coming in a future update. More info soon!

Will we ever be able to select Assignments between matches without going back to the main screen?

JA: We don't have any information to share just yet, but do have our teams looking into this.

Infinite loading screen between rounds – This is a big issue as it impacts game-flow and requires players to completely exit the client, which removes them from the game and reduces their play-time.

JA: We are looking into this issue with high priority, but as this is a very complex issue we are unable to verify when we will have a fix for this issue.


Ammo/Medic Crates Fall Through the Map. This prevents them from being used and the cooldown restricts the player from dropping on in another spot. Any fix coming for this?

JA: Our LIVE QA has looked into this and we should have a fix coming in an upcoming update (not next week, unfortunately).

Xbox One controllers lose vibration functionality when playing on Grand Operations.

JA: It's on our radar and our LIVE QA have submitted a ticket to address this.


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