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Arma2 Project Reality mod
« på: Juli 13, 2010, 14:31:00 »
kanskje det er noe vi kunne spiltt hvis Arma2 blir mer likt bf2.

Project Reality is coming...
One of the most anticipated mods from the BattleField 2 world is coming to Arma2 and is currently in the making. In this exclusive mini interview we hope to gain more knowlede about what we can expect from the developers over at
By cri74 2010-05-30 15:00:00 (Edited: 2010-05-31 01:58:02)
( Already they have released some information through their own website and the official BIS forums, but as eager fans we would like to know more. Many members at have played the PR mod for BF2 to bits, through the years, and are looking forward to play the award winning mod on a new engine. Will the game be what we remember and love from BF2 ? Will the developers give even more to create something even better ?

We had a little chat with UK_Force, at Project Reality Management

First of all, thanks for taking the time to let us know the PR team and what you are working on a little better. You have a very talented team of DEV's and this new project looks very promising from the information allready released at Can you tell us a little bit about the original idea behind PR and what you invision PR will bring to Arma2 gamers ?

R-DEVUK_Force: The original vision is, and always was to bring “realism” and “teamwork” to the BF2 Engine, with a secondary focus of implementing the British Army.

PR:ArmA2 was brought into development with the following PR Mission Statement:

"To create a realistic and immersive modification for ArmA2, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through gameplay"

In essence we are trying to plug a gap in ArmA2, which is its lack of PvP, and create a Mod that is a simple install and play online, of course in true PR style the focus will remain on realism and teamwork within that. That sounds great! What about other existing mods, will you incorparate or is PR a stand alone modification ?

R-DEVUK_Force: PR:ArmA2 will remain a “standalone” modification, the reason for this is simple. We want to ensure it remains “simple” for the community to get online, without the need for having numerous add ons to be able to play on a PR Server. Some standalone “add ons” - May be used, as some of the DEV’s where involved in them prior to joining PR and they be fitting for the Mod, they will however be 100% incorporated into the PR Core. So in other words, its all made by the Project Reality team. What can we expect to see ?

R-DEVUK_Force: Yes. For our first release we are looking at a “basic”, yet solid release, so it will be quite small. We want to incorporate around 50% of the British Army in our first release, along with a Large Afghan island, with a few PR Missions thrown in.

Things you can expect to see:

British Army Soldiers - Complete, with Desert, Woodland and the new MTP Camo.
Warrior, WMIK, CR2, Scimitar, MAN Truck, Apache, Merlin, Chinook, Basic Taliban Faction, and a few others. Tell us a little bit about why you think the Arma2 (Real Virtuality 3) engine is such a good choice to bring Project Reality to the players, some say Arma2 is what we wanted BF2 PR to be.

R-DEVUK_Force: The Real Virtuality 3 engine, was originally dismissed as a platform a few years ago, however after revisiting it, I assessed there was indeed a lack of Multiplayer support …. Which we as PR take great pride in. The engine has lots of capabilities as most DEV’s know. It’s a relatively user friendly engine to work on, and does not really require a huge team like the PR BF2 team to work on it. It made perfect sense to look into it as a concept, and port some of our assets over. What is the best about Arma2, tell us a few things you noticed right out of the box when you started the game for the first time.

R-DEVUK_Force: For me it was simply the “possibilities” that popped up, of course the Graphics are a step forward from BF2 too … Would you describe the gameplay the same as in the BF2 version of Project Reality ? Will the BF2 player feel right at home in Arma2 ?

R-DEVUK_Force: Not exactly, this is our main area of development at present – you have to remember PR gameplay has taken a number of years to get to where it is now. To get it right in ArmA2 will take a few releases I am sure …. Gameplay is an ever-evolving beast and always will be.

The BF2 Player, will have to get used to the basic characteristics of ArmA2 as any player does on a new engine. We do however hope that they get a feeling of PR in our future release and can see the way we are going with the Gameplay development. Will the PR maps from BF2 be seen in Arma2, and the features from BF2 be ported to Arma2 ?

R-DEVUK_Force: No unfortunately we will not be porting over BF2 Maps …. Its not really that easy. We have a “base island” in our Afghan Map, which will be large enough to run plenty of varied missions. We are also looking at a Woodland Island for the future too. How about the third person view we got in Arma2, will it be featured in PR. What about other features bound to Arma2 vanilla?

R-DEVUK_Force: We are currently looking at this being disabled as a server side setting, or maybe even a player setting, as this is not “realistic” in our opinion. We know VOIP and teamplay is a very strong element in the BF2 version, how will the Arma2 version handle this ? Will players automaticly be bound to the squad system?

R-DEVUK_Force: Another area that we are looking at, yes VOIP will be important to us, and we are looking at and developing a PR version of the TS3 Add on, which will use the Bowman Radios as its interface. The squad system is being looked into as an option also Yes. Can you tell us anything about the servers. The BF2 version has a licence agreement, how will Project Reality distribute the mod and how large download size can we expect ?

R-DEVUK_Force: PR takes great pride by involving Server Admins in its development, this is what ensures the true PR Goal we aim for. We will initially have a number of Server Admins, who will become “Official” PR Servers, they will run PR: ArmA2 as it should be run, that way the player will always have a number of servers that are trusted and endorsed by us – ensuring they can play PR: ArmA2 the way it should be played.

We also have our “exclusive” set of PR Server Admin Tools being made available to them. In BIS forums the thread about Project Reality is closed, would you care to say anything, in short, about why you moved all information to other forums?

R-DEVUK_Force: The info was never “moved”, it was posted in 3 official areas from the start. BIS, PR & ArmaHolic.
The BIS thread was closed by me, via requesting a BIS MOD to close it, the thread there was not really going anywhere and I made the decision to close it, quite simple really. When can we expect to play Project Reality in Arma2, and do you still need Beta Testers?

R-DEVUK_Force: Work is taking a little longer than thought initially, however I think in a few months we may be in a position to put something out. The main point is we want to make sure its “right” and is a solid base to build on in the future. Beta Testing is going well, and we have a full team already. If in the future we require more testers will advertise the fact on the PR Site. Discussions form your own forums at show fans willing to upgrade or even buy new computers to play Project Reality in Arma2, is it really worth it?

R-DEVUK_Force: I believe if people play “PC Games”, then they will be forced by the industry to keep their rigs up to date as best they can. BF2 is getting quite aged now, and most PC Games out there have a min spec of what ArmA2 has, so yes now is a good time as any I think. Games companies will always be pushing the boundaries when new hardware becomes available, as that is where the bottleneck actually is in the Games Industry …… the lack of Hardware to run Games designers ideas. In BIS forums there are multiple refrences to Operation Reality, is this the same as Project Reality ?

R-DEVUK_Force: No Operation Reality is not related to Project Reality in any way, I believe they actually use ACE 2 on their ArmA2 servers anyway ? Last but not least.....please... give us a taste of how it will all look and feel, some pictures and videos would be nice.

R-DEVUK_Force: Ha, ha... How did I know that was coming at the end ...


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Re: Arma2 Project Reality mod
« Svar #1 på: Juli 13, 2010, 21:32:18 »
Istedenfor å ronke foran wov og BF2 kan dette være noe?
Den sinteste i krig, er den som ikke sloss!


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Re: Arma2 Project Reality mod
« Svar #2 på: Juli 13, 2010, 23:26:08 »
w : ikke n  :P


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Re: Arma2 Project Reality mod
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