Skrevet av Emne: Ekstraoppdrag til FarCry 2  (Lest 2436 ganger)


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Ekstraoppdrag til FarCry 2
« på: Desember 09, 2008, 21:48:47 »
Intel har lansert 2 oppdrag til FC2 som man kan laste ned fra intel sine hjemmesider

Mission 1: the Morrocan

This mission sends you into the most heavily guarded region of the Leboa-Sako territory. Hiding out at the old Legion fort is a Moroccan who might be able to help you locate the Jackal. Your objective is to locate him and find out what he knows.

Mission 2: the American

Your predecessor has tracked down the American informant to the Dogon village in the rocky northern ranges. Your objective: follow his trail and find out what the informant told him.

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